Life Lessons

1. Once all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella.
That's FAITH.

2. When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her.
That's TRUST.

3. Every night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarm to wake up.
That's HOPE.

4. We plan big things tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future.

5. We see the world suffering, but still we get married.

On an old man's shirt was written a cute sentence..
I am not 60 years old..I am sweet 16 with 44 years experience.
Change Attitude, Change LIFE..


What is FEAR?

Fear is a thought in our mind; this thought leaves an impression of False Expectations Appearing Real or False Evidence Appearing Real. Our mind tends to believe this impressions created by our thoughts. Fear is behavior developed over a period of time because of the repetitions of such thoughts. Some of us see these thoughts as pictures and, some of us experience these thoughts as tensions, fear of failure and so on. From now let FEAR be

What is the opposite of fear?

It is courage. The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc.

How do we develop this quality or the spirit of the MIND?

We must learn to ask Questions. Asking questions is a disarming technique. Asking questions repeatedly to yourself “Is it TRUE?” “Is it TRUE?” “What are the ways I can handle this?”

Say the subject is tough for a student. The student must first learn to ask question “Is it true?” “Which portion is tough?” “Whom can I ask for help?” Rather than believing “you are weak”, “not intelligent”, “if I ask for help I will be criticized” thus resigning from the circumstance.

We must make asking questions to ourselves a habit. The mind develops an automatic response mechanism to the negative thoughts and these thoughts will never come even close to our minds. Thus FEAR no longer becomes a threat but an Intelligence guiding mechanism.

Fear is just a weakness of the heart. Cast it away.

Face Everything And Recover or Forget Everything And Rock

Technical Skills Are Important, With Soft Skills You Become Effective. With Technical & Soft Skills You Grow In The Job.

1. Collaboration

Here collaboration means working together, sharing ideas, work and resources if required. Here training is required to understand the importance and purpose also how to be successful through collaboration. It is a Skill need to be developed.

2. Communication and interpersonal skills

How to concise and spontaneous? How to “Talk LESS and say MORE” Must be able to use choice of words. Must be able to craft a speech independently. Write a letter or Memo.

3. Problem-solving

Identify, WHAT is the problem, the cause, Find a solution which is cost effective and uses minimum manpower and time.

4.Time management

How to identify the time wasters and use the time effectively. Also identify our peak performance time and encash on it.

5. Leadership

To demonstrate leadership skills is very Important and necessary. The ability to take initiative is responsible, can influence people i.e make people accept you and your ideas without resistance.

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