Competenency Development Training

Finishing Skills

The Essential Skill – Requirement for All Times.

Developing Soft Skill

Honing soft skills involves developing attitudes also fine-tuning communication skills both Inter and Intra enabling to express attitudes, ideas, and thoughts in the most effective manner. Vital is the ideal Combination of attitudes and communication skills including written abilities. Time Management, Motivation, Goal setting, Team skills and Self Esteem are important aspects of a well molded Individual. These soft skills are greatly valued in corporates. Employers are keenly looking in to the attitudinal readiness of prospective employees they recruit.

Targeting fresh graduates

Even Though organizations stay focused on the continuous Improvement of their Executives and all staff members, they intend to recruit empowered people on their rolls.

Through theses Soft Skills the students get an insight to meet and face the industry challenges and expectations. The Technical Expertise helps get a job and the Soft Skills help them Grow in the Job and Carrier.

These Days it is no longer possible to get a job or an admission just on the basis of an entrance exam. It is followed by either a Group Discussion or a Personal Interview, or both. This is clear that we not only have to be technically and academically sound, but also on other personality fronts too. Hence Soft Skill Trainings are very Crucial to Fresh Graduates.

To put is very precise “Soft Skills” can also be called “Essential Skills”

  • Communication Skill
  • Confidence Building
  • Motivation
  • Presentation Skills Including Interview Skills.
  • Corporate Etiquette

  • Role Play, Group Discussions, Mock sessions, Lecture Sessions and Case Study Presentations.

  • Target Students : Final Year Students.
    : Two Full Days,
    : 30 Students

    The AIM

    Employers say they are impressed by job candidates who have excellent communication skills, good grooming habits, and relevant work experience. Employers say they want trustworthy new hires who can move right in, get along with their co-workers, and get the job done without having to be babied at each step.
    Hence this workshop which is attempting on this aim and has chosen its contents and designed its methodology. The Contents are not spoken as Individual Topics but are Interwoven Making the Workshop Unique.
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    The Billionaires – MAP

    Consequent to the Current Industrial and Economic Growth Globally we are required to continuously understand from a very early age the need to upgrade our skills at the same time the direction Great scientists, technologist, entrepreneurs, industrialist ,educationist and great leaders and business / corporate houses think, dream and act. This exposure is a must these emerging days.

    The NEED of the hour is, make the Generations understand the thought process of such powerful people who Think BIG, have a GREAT VISION and Act Confidently at the same time understand the Map and the design of it and much more.

    During the Course of this One day workshop students will be interacting with key personals from industry. They are expected to get powerful insight as to how the industry thinks and acts today. The students are also expected to get a vision of how dynamic the industry functions and their role in the industry as future managers.

    In view of the above we conduct this inspiring and motivating Workshop.

    “ The Billionaires – MAP workshop”

    • Think Futuristic
    • Visualize - Futuristic
    • Analyase where am I
    • Learning to be focused
    • Success Route Map
    • Learning to Dare to Dream
    • Understanding the importance of Dream/Success

    About Program
    Target Students : Final Year Students.
    : Two Full Days,
    : 30 Students

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