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A unique training focused on enhancing technical competencies, managerial capabilities & personal traits.

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  • Operational skills are relevant to all occupations and jobs across all industries, They run parallel with the specific skills required for the job and make people more effective, all-round employees. They help businesses become more efficient and competitive. They are also most accepted and preferred people.
  • To enhance employability of Technically qualified students.
  • The learner will understand the importance of Mathematics in Adminstaration, English in Engineering and much more.
  • The course is aimed at exposing the students in technical competencies, managerial capabilities and personal traits.
  • This course curriculum and teaching methodology is ensuring that the students are trained in diverse portfolio of skills as it is needed to stay relevant.
  • The course is familiarizing and developing the students in the "Just-In-Time" skills concept.
  • Learners will be preferred over other candidates during interviews as they will have advance information and as they will demonstrate mastery and knowledge of applying skills.

Scope of Training

  • Technical
  • Soft skills
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Management
  • Health, Fire and Saftey

"A Unique Training Program to become a Newer Professional"

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