I was amazed at the astounding energy levels created in course of these two days. It is heartening to mention that our organization has benefited in many ways from your program especially by bringing in positive behavioral changes at the work place.

We have received good feedback from all the participants, as the program was energizing, action oriented and highly participative. The innovative methodologies were appreciated very much.

Mr. A.S.Girish, GM-HR Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Please recall the program conducted on the SEAM for our Senior Officers. As required under our procedure, on assessment of the evaluation of the program was made by the participants, it has been observed that the program has been well received by the participants and most of them have rated the program outstanding. The participants have specially appreciated the methodology adopted by you, ensuring involvement of all the participants in the program.

All the participants were very much inspired and leaned lot of relaxation techniques during the course. They also expressed their happiness in participating in the above program, which has given them practical tools to sappy in their day to day life. His approach of teaching this complex subject in the most simplest way is very much appreciated.

The program was really interesting, Inspiring and participative in nature. All the participants really enjoyed his presentations. We express our sincere thanks to you for all the support given to us for the program.

The program conducted by you was very unique in nature and the techniques employed by you were very innovative. The program was very participative by each members of the organization and the effect can be seen.

This is to certify that Mr. T.K.Rajiv conducted a program for IEEE - Graduates of the last decade, Kerala Section. It was attended by 90 participants and was well received. The venue for the program was TCS Trivandrum.

Mr.Aju Thomas Abraham,, Chairman

The methodology employed in the program is very much appreciated by the participants. We understand that the program was conducted in a totally new fashion delivering a very unique experience. We observe positive changes in the participants and the program was very effective.

Came to this program presuming that it will cover only theory sessions on motivation and thought it will be boring. To my surprise it turned out to be totally different. It taught the gamut of motivation, it covered redefining habit, redefining Self Esteem, importance of humility etc. In a nutshell I can say it was a wonderful program.

The SEAM program has given us lot of inputs on Self Esteem and Motivation. The essential aspects of the subject like Awareness, Inner voice, Willpower, EGO eradication, the exercises on the same and creative visualization was explained in a simple but very effective manner. This program for the managerial staff will be of great importance.

N. Lakshminarayanan, Manager Cannara Bank.

The program is very informative and educative for all types of people. I felt the value of Self-Esteem and Motivation and make it practically useful in day-to-day life. I feel more such programs must be conducted at workplaces so that more people get the positive benefits of these programs.

After attending this program / workshop which is very interactive in nature. The workshop has helped me to understand the essentials of various aspects such as Integrity, Self Awareness, Self Esteem, and Motivation etc. This Workshop will certainly help me strike a balance between home and office and help me learn to appreciate my family, colleagues and myself.

The Program can be very much called an unconventional program as it departs from the normal workshops in terms of the number of practical exercises. Coverage on improvement of Self Esteem and removal of egoism in an individual is really good. Best of luck in future programs.

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